Extraction systems for sanding dust

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Our extraction systems for sanding dust  

When working with hand-held machines (grinding, polishing, brushing, etc.), sanding dusts are produced which, without effective and reliable extraction, can lead to considerable dust pollution at the workplaces. Sanding dusts belong to the category of "fine dust". Fine dust is known to be hazardous to health and explosive at concentrations above the lower explosion limit (LEL). When advising and selecting the right solution for customer's application, the greatest attention must be paid to these aspects.

Depending on the customer's requirements, dust extraction tables or sanding stands are used. The dust extraction tables are connected to compact dust extractors or to central extraction systems. Sanding stands are operated with recirculating air and have built-in, cleanable filter elements and extraction fans.

The disposal or recycling of the resulting sanding dust also requires customikzed solutions. When connecting the dust extraction tables and the sanding cabins to dust extractors or central extraction systems, filling bins with inserted plastic bags, big bag stations or briquetting presses can be used, depending on the amount and quality of dust. Briquetting can be recommended as an alternative for both the thermal use of sanding dusts or their disposal.

Examples of standing dust extraction
Compact dust extractor
Compact dust extractor with bigbag on a base frame
Compact dust extractor
Compact dust extractor with fan inside & addi-tional supporting fan
Dust extractor SMU-MP
Extraction of small machines with dust extrac-tor SMU-MP


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