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The SPÄNEX product range is manufactured in the Uslar factory on state-of-the-art machines. It convinces with its qualitative and performance features as well as its variety. With the SPÄNEX product range, complete solutions can be realised, starting with the collection of chips, dust or other particles at the point of origin, pneumatic conveying with subsequent material separation in separators or filter systems, the return of clean air into the operating rooms and the utilisation of the separated chips and dusts as briquettes, both for craft and industrial companies. 

Dust extractors 

Dust extractors are used to extract dust from one or more processing machines. The extraction volume flows of the dust extractor range are between 1,200 and 50,000 m³/h.

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Filter systems

The SPÄNEX range of filter units comprises several series from which the optimum filter unit can be selected, depending on the individual conditions of each customer's requirement.

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Briquetting presses 

More than 3,000 briquetting presses in practical use are proof of the convincing technology, the quality and the trust of the customers in the systems from SPÄNEX.

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Paint mist extraction systems

A perfect surface requires a powerful paint mist extraction system. SPÄNEX offers innovative, energy-saving and economical solutions for every application.

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Sanding dust extraction 

Manual sanding work can cause considerable dust pollution without effective extraction. Depending on the requirements, different products are used.

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The air capacity of the centrifugal fans manufactured by SPÄNEX ranges from 1,000 to 120,000 m³/h with a total pressure increase of up to 10,000 Pa.

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Pipe parts

Every extraction system requires a more or less extensive piping system, which requires expert planning.

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Switch units 

The electrical control system with intelligent control technology is the heart of every extraction system.

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Three steps to your solution

Our experienced sales representatives advise you on site on all topics and questions concerning our system technology and provide the key points and boundary conditions for the planning of the systems by our technicians. Subsequently, the plant components are manufactured at the factory in Uslar and then assembled on site by our experienced assembly personnel. Depending on the complexity of the systems, commissioning is carried out by our fitters or customer service technicians.

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