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Complete, solid, easy to assemble

Planning of the pipe system

Every extraction system requires a more or less extensive pipework system.

The prerequisite for an optimised pipe system is the professional planning of the pipe diameters and the installation route to minimise the resulting pressure losses and at the same time to meet the visual requirements of the customer.

All pipe systems are planned and dimensioned by our experienced sales representatives. The importance of the pipe system regarding an energy-efficient system concept is often misunderstood. In particular, extraction systems with demand-responsive extraction performance by means of speed-controlled radial fans require a well designed pipe system to fully exploit the potential for electricity savings.

Production of the pipe components

On the production side, SPÄNEX is optimally equipped so that, with its craftsman's know-how and many years of experience, every required pipe component and fitting can also be manufactured according to sample, sketch or drawing.


A characteristic feature of the SPÄNEX pipe system is the push-in connection. For this, the pipe end seen in the direction of flow is pulled in. The plug-in parts are connected with a double bead clamp so that a high load-bearing capacity is achieved (suspension points only required every 5 to 6 m). Another advantage of the plug-in system with double beading clamps as a connecting element is the ease of installation and the ensured equipotential bonding. From a diameter of 500 mm, the pipelines are flanged.

Practical examples – pipe systems
Branched piping system
Branched piping system with branches & pneumatic lock slides
Outdoor pipe system
Outdoor pipe system
Main piping with machine connections
Main piping with machine connections
Machine connections & main pipe systems
Machine connections & main pipe systems
5. Machine connections to main pipe systems with pneumatic lock slides
Machine connections to main pipe systems with pneumatic lock slides
Pie systems with sensors for spark detection & -extinguishing
Pie systems with sensors for spark detection & -extinguishing
From own production

Pipe system & component program

We manufacture the following parts from galvanised sheet steel, black plate (painted) or stainless steel in the standard diameters of 80 - 800 mm:

  • Extraction hoods, locking elements manually operated, locking elements pneumatically or electrically operated,

  • Branches 1- to 6-fold, elbows 45° or 90 °, elbows 15°, 30° or 60° as special construction, container connections, roof penetrations,

  • Deflection hoods, swivel joints, flat iron clamps, flange rings,

  • Moulded parts of all kinds, Y-pieces, block separators, compensators, air distribution systems, sleeves, cleaning flaps,

  • Pipes with the following lengths: 0.5 m, 1.0 m and 1.5 m, 3 m (system-referenced), pipe end pieces, pipe holders, pipe silencers, pipe supports, pipe switches,

  • Non-return valves, saddle pieces, sound absorbers, hose collars, rope tensioning, special parts, tensioning clamps, piece separators,

  • Transitions round/round or round/angular, wall sweeping holes, wall consoles, central branches (collectors).

Furthermore, our delivery program includes the following components:

  • Plastic hoses flame retardant according to DIN, air ducts, magnet separators,

  • Metal flexible hoses, pipe suspensions, spiral pipes according to DIN EN 1506, pipe length up to 6 m.

Plus points

  • Complete range of pipes and components 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Solid design
  • Constructive equipotential bonding

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