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Our systems are planned individually, with the focus on customer requirements, functionality, energy efficiency, economy, operational safety and service life.

There are no off-the-shelf solutions for extraction systems. There are only requirements for which the best solution must be found.

No two systems are the same

We plan every system

Only with careful planning customised concepts can be developed. Our concepts shall convince our customers and qualify SPÄNEX as a partner.

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Extraction systems for chips and dusts

During the processing of workpieces by machines, chips and dust are produced. They must be removed in order to be able to carry out the manufacturing process precisely and safely. 

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Extraction systems for sanding dust

When working with hand machines (grinding, polishing, brushing, etc.), sanding dusts are produced. Without effective and reliable extraction this can lead to considerable dust pollution at the workplaces.  

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Paint mist extraction

SPÄNEX offers innovative and economical technology for the extraction of paint mist, which is produced during painting. Also for the supply of air SPÄNEX offers systems for a wide range of applications.  

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 Consult & Plan

We consult our customers comprehensively on site in all questions concerning our system technology. Our experts discuss with you all requirements, targets and wishes of your future SPÄNEX system.

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Production & Assembly

The components of our products are manufactured on state-of-the-art machines. The professional assembly of the systems is of course part of our scope.

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Commissioning & Maintenance 

The commissioning of the systems is carried out by our service technicians.

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Support &

Our aim is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Therefore, an efficient after-sales service team is available as well as the supply of spare parts and repairs of certain products can be carried out in our factory.

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