Sanding tables SST

Technical data
Low-dust workplace with recirculation

Sanding  booths SST

The sanding booths of the SST series consist of three units:

  • the capture element with the dust bins

  • the filter part with built-in extraction fan and

  • the supply air ceiling.

The sanding dusts are sucked in via the collection surfaces in the floor area and the dust-air mixture is cleaned in the built-in filter hoses. The high degree of separation of the filter material used, which has been tested, enables one hundred percent air recirculation for dust that is neither toxic nor carcinogenic. The filter bags are cleaned automatically by mechanical vibration during breaks in work.

The cleaned extraction volume flow ("vacuum system") is returned to the working area by the built-in extraction fan via the supply air duct with built-in filter mats. The outflow velocity is relatively low so that there are no draughts.

Practical examples - SST sanding booths
Sanding booth
Sanding booth with collection surfaces & dust bins as well as supply air ceiling
Working place with a sanding booth
Working place with a sanding booth
Assembly of the supply air ceiling of a sanding booth
Assembly of the supply air ceiling of a sanding booth
Sanding tables SST

Equipment variants

  • LED lighting below the supply air ceiling

  • Extension for the casing and the supply air ceiling

  • Wood dust tested according to GS-HO-11

Plus points

  • Low-dust workplace

  • Wood dust tested according to GS-HO-11

  • Effective filtration and cleaning technology

  • Direct air recirculation* e.g. for wood dust

  • Complete control system

  • Ease of operation

* Air recirculation only permissible for non-toxic and non-carcinogenic dusts

Other series

Extraction tables SAT

To enable ergonomic work!

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Sanding booths SST

Technical data

Type Width Height Working hight Length supply air ceiling Weights Volume flow Sound pressure level Fan motor Cleaning motor
  mm mm mm mm kg (ca) m³/h dB (A) kW kW
SST 2000 3000 2500 2800 540 3000 70 1,1 0,18

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