Varnishingrotes Quadrat

SPÄNEX offers innovative and economical plant technology for a wide variety of applications to exhaust   the overspray that is resulting from varnishing and to feed in fresh air.

Due to the larger air volumes, the energy efficiency of the plant is placed at the highest level. With the help of heat recovery the thermal power demand is reduced. Intelligent control technology ensures constant working conditions and low current consumption thanks to the speed-controlled drive of the fans.

Today, the fresh air inlet units are usually equipped with a heat recovery system.

Grinding tables, grinding stands and grinding cabins are included in the product range for the extraction of abrasive dust.      

product range:

  • dry spraying walls
  • underfloor exhausting units
  • combined systems
  • fresh air supply units with and without heat recovery
  • control technology
  • grinding tables, grinding stands and grinding cabins
spray wall serial TAW-Kompakt and fresh-air inlet unit
Farbnebelabsauganlage Spritzwand TAW-Kompakt und Zuluftgerät
spray wall serial TAW with hopper and floor tub
Farbnebelabsauganlage Spritzwand TAW mit Trichter und Bodenwanne
underfloor exhaust unit with fresh-air ceiling
Unterflurabsaugung mit Zuluftdecke
dry exhausting wall combined with underfloor exhaust unit
Trockenabsaugwand kombiniert mit Unterflurabsaugung
fresh-air inlet unit
exhausting table
Farbnebelabsaugung - Absaugtisch

practical example

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