Paint mist

perfect surfaces

A perfect surface requires a powerful paint-mist exhausting system. SPÄNEX offers innovative and economical solutions for every application:

  • spraying stand with compact dry exhaust wall (spraying wall), series TAW-Kompakt
  • spraying stand with dry exhaust wall (spraying wall), series TAW
  • underfloor exhaust unit
  • underfloor exhaust unit combined with dry exhaust wall
  • fresh-air units with or without heat recovery
  • grinding dust exhausting tables and exhausting walls
  • complete piping system
  • control and regulating technology

convincing arguments

  • suitable system technology
  • The paint mist exhaust system plays a decisive part of the achievable quality of the surface. For this reason, SPÄNEX sets a high value on consulting, planning and the development of the optimal plant conception together with the customer.Based on the local conditions, the parts spectrum, the part throughput, the paint system in connection with the application technology and the required surface quality, the entire plant will be planned considering the provisions of occupational safety and fire and explosion protection. The premises are also included in the considerations, i.e. it is questioned whether a combined varnishing and drying room is sufficient or whether separate varnishing and drying rooms are required.
  • energy efficiency
  • Large amounts of air are moved for paint-mist exhaust systems. Out of this reason it is important to pay close attention to energy requirements. Due to the use of direct-driven high-performance fans with efficiencies of more than 80%, the power requirement is minimised from the outset. In conjunction with the speed control of the air supply fans and exhaust fans, the airflow can be adjusted to the respective demand, so that the usage-dependent energy-saving potentials are completely considered.
  • heat recovery
  • The amount of air to be extracted must be returned to the varnishing room as fresh air. Depending on the air quantities, the use of a fresh air unit with an integrated heat exchanger (cross-flow heat exchanger, rotary heat exchanger or circulatory system) for heat recovery is economically reasonable. In practical operation, efficiencies of up to 65% can be achieved, so that short payback times arise and the existing boiler does not have to provide the full heating capacity.
  • control and regulation technology
  • A major contribution to the saving of thermal and electrical energy as well as to the flexible use of the system is provided by the control and regulation technology, which is also developed, designed and manufactured by SPÄNEX in accordance with the motto "all from one source".

practical examples

dry exhaust wall series TAW Kompakt with fresh-air unit
dry exhaust wall series TAW with exhaust hopper and floor exhaust tub
Trocken-Spritzwand TAW
spraying room with underfloor exhausting unit and fresh-air unit
Spritzraum mit Unterflurabsaugung
dry exhaust wall and underfloor exhaust unit combined with fresh-air ceiling
Farbnebelabsaugung - Trockenabsaugwand


dry spray walls

  • series TAW-Kompakt
  • The compact dry exhaust walls are ideal for varnishing of smaller parts in crafts and industry. The conception of the TAW Kompakt series convinces thanks to a two-stage separation.
    The two filter stages in conjunction with a rectifier package ensure a homogenous collection and a very high separation level.
    The folded carton filter (pre-separator) impresses with a particularly high paint storage capacity with low pressure loss.
    The solvent vapours are extracted by slide-in filter cartridges in the bottom plate.
    The TAW-Kompakt unit is manufactured in series and supplied as a ready-to-connect unit with one or two integrated fans including exhaust air nozzles. The motors are connected by 10 m long connection cable with switch/plug-combination.
    Another advantage of this series is the particularly favourable price/performance ratio.
  • series TAW
  • The spraying walls are manufactured in a modular system as a self-supporting construction made of galvanized steel plate. Adapted to the part spectrum, collecting surfaces with dimensions of 2 x 2 m to 5 x 3 m can be realized, the walls can also be set up in combination.In addition, to increase the collection surface the wall corpus can be fitted with additional hopper-shaped baffle plates.
    Furthermore, the dry suction walls can be supplied with ground exhaust tubs for the absorption of the depositing paint mist.
    Due to the corresponding air volumes in connection with the fresh-air flow and the two-stage separation, the best working conditions can be reached in the painting room. Spray walls of the TAW series are often used in conjunction with conveyor systems for the varnished parts.

underfloor exhausting

  • SUA series
  • The system of underfloor exhausting creates optimum workplace conditions for the varnisher.
    The fresh-air is inserted at large-scale via a filter blow-out ceiling, and the outgoing air is extracted via a pit covered with gratings. The downward-facing air flow is used to capture and convey away the decreasing mist.
    In the exhaust pit, the collecting ducts are arranged, equipped with two filter stages.
    The underfloor exhaust unit is tailored, planned and designed to the respective requirements. The part spectrum to be painted determines the dimensions of the pit and of the fresh-air ceiling and thus also the capacity of fresh-air and outgoing-air.
    The painting of the workpiece can be done from all sides, so that the varnisher can position himself optimally for coating the paint layer.
  • series SUA and TAW in combination
  • For certain tasks, the combination of underfloor exhaust unit with a spraying wall is the ideal solution. Especially when the part spectrum is very different and, for example, in conjunction with a conveyor system mainly a directed varnishing is required.

SPÄNEX paint-mist exhausting

dry exhaust wall series TAW Kompakt with fresh-air unit
dry exhaust wall series TAW with exhaust hopper and floor exhaust tub
Trocken-Spritzwand TAW
dry exhaust wall and underfloor exhaust unit combined with fresh-air ceiling
spraying room with underfloor exhausting unit and fresh-air unit
Farbnebelabsaugung - Trockenabsaugwand

product range

  • dry spray walls
  • underfloor exhaust units
  • combined systems
  • grinding dust exhausting tables
  • grinding dust exhaust systems
  • fresh-air units with and without heat recovery
  • control and regulating technique
  • pipe parts


  • competent consulting
  • broad product range
  • complete system solutions
  • multi-stage separation
  • pre-separation elements with large storage capacity
  • downstream filter mats with highest separation degree
  • energy-efficiency by demand-adapted exhaust capacity
  • saving thermal energy by heat recovery