Heating boilers

residual wood - the valuable fuel

The residual materials generated in the woodworking and wood processing in lump form or as chips or dusts are used as fuel by many of our customers. The advantages of this use are obvious:

  • high cost savings compared with oil and gas
  • guaranteed availability of the fuel
  • contribution to environmental protection

The type of this fuel is known to be diverse and ranges from natural wood to chipboard, fibre boards, plywood to coated, lacquered or laminated wood. Depending on the fuel and the data, different firing systems are used, for example underfeed firing and feed grate firing. Depending on the customer's requirement profile, the boiler system is run as a warm water system or hot water system.

The aspects of wood heating system:

  • operational reliability
  • availability
  • comfortable use
  • easy maintenance and 
  • long service life

are also in the foreground of the customer's interest. In order to meet these requirements, it is important from the outset to get the solution for a tailor-made system by a needs analysis together with the customer. SPÄNEX with its experienced sales crew also has many years of experience in the field of wood combustion plants and works together with leading manufacturers of wood heating systems. During all phases of the projects you will be professionally cared for in case of an orderly cooperation with our partners, starting from advice on planning, assembly, commissioning and subsequent service.