Grinding dust exhausting


Without effective extraction manual sanding work can cause considerable dust exposure. Depending on the requirements, exhaust tables or grinding stands are used.

Depending on the required exhaust volume flow, the collecting elements are connected to dust collector or central filtration system and sucked off from above.

Abrasive dust is known to be hazardous to health and being explosive at a concentration above the lower explosion limit (LEL). Special attention therefore must be paid to these aspects during consultation and planning and the systems must be equipped with safety devices (e.g. ignition protection systems, spark detection and extinguishing systems, etc.) regarding explosion protection.

The disposal or recycling of the resulting grinding dust also requires additional considerations in individual cases. Adapted to the material quantity, filling tons can be used with inserted plastic sacks, big-bag stations or briquetting presses. Briquetting is a recommended solution especially for the thermal use of abrasive dust, as no special firing systems (blow-in firing) are required.

practical examples

grinding dust exhaust table with accessories
grinding dust exhaust table with exhausting hood
grinding dust working place with underfloor exhausting and fresh-air ceiling
grinding workplace


exhaust tables

The dust extraction workbenches of SPÄNEX are designed in such a way that an economic working is possible. They are characterised by a solid, stable construction. The lower parts consist of one to three extraction hoppers which are flanged to a common extraction duct. The connection to a dust extractor or the existing extraction system can be made from the left or from the right. The working surface of each extraction workbench is hydraulically height-adjustable by means of a hand crank (accessory), thus enabling ergonomic working.

The work surfaces with a width of 1 m and lengths of 1 to 3 m are covered with workpiece-protecting felt strips made of resistant industrial felt.

The integrated control panel with lockable main switch contains two power sockets and two connection couplings for compressed air.

Available as accessories:

  • mechanical height adjustment,
  • vacuum clamping devices (horizontally and vertically usable),
  • fold-out workpiece supports,
  • vacuum pump,
  • exhaust gun,
  • dust collector with required pipe material.

The exhaust tables have been tested by the BGHM Professional Association and have received the BG mark.

grinding stands

The grinding stands consist of three units:

  • the collecting element with the dust drawers,
  • the filter part with built-in exhaust fan and
  • the fresh-air ceiling.

The grinding dusts are sucked in via the collecting surfaces in the floor area and cleaned in the built-in filter hoses, so that for certain dusts a 100 % air return is permissible (e.g. for wood dust). The filter hoses are automatically cleaned by mechanical vibrations during work breaks. The cleaned exhaust volume flow (vacuum system)is fed back into the working area by the built-in exhaust fan (vacuum process) via the fresh-air duct with built-in filter mats. The exhaust speed is extremely low, so there are no strains.

SPÄNEX-grinding dust exhausting

exhaust table 2,0 x 1,0 with accessories
grinding stand


  • competent consulting
  • extensive product range
  • system design dependent on requirements
  • complete plant technology
  • energy-saving and quiet operation
  • multiple disposal variants