Compact filters

capacity range up to 50,000 m³/h

Many requirements from different industries (wood, plastic, paper, aluminium, etc.) can be found in the air volume range below 50,000 m³/h. SPÄNEX is able to meet the diverse customer requirements in this capacity range with a modular filter system that allows our sales screw to design modern, energy-saving exhaust systems being optimally adapted to the requirements of our customers.


The modular system of the compact filter program is based on several surface grids, which, combined with different filter hose sizes (variable diameter and length), allow an optimal adaptation to the customer's conditions.

compactness, variants

With the standard radial fan (vacuum system) installed in the fan cell, the filter tower represents a complete exhaust centre, offering the highest performance at the lowest possible surface demand. Depending on the operating conditions, one or more fans are installed. If it is necessary, the exhaust fans can also be arranged outside the filter devices, means behind (vacuum system) in front of (overpressure system).


practical examples

compact filter with pneumatic conveying system
Kompaktfilter mit pneumatischer Förderanlage
compact filter with briquetting press
Kompakt-Filteranlage mit Brikettierpresse
compact filter with pipe bridge
Kompaktfilteranlage mit Rohrbrücke
compact filter with with pneumatic conveying system
compact filter with with pneumatic conveying system
compact filter with exhaust fan raw-air side
Kompaktfilteranlage mit Absaugventilator rohluftseitig
compact filter with 2 material separators and bale presses
Kompaktfilteranlage mit 2 Materialabscheidern und Ballenpressen
compact filter with material separator and fresh-air unit
Kompaktfilteranlage mit Materialabscheider und Zuluftgerät
compact filter with fresh-air unit
Kompaktfilteranlage mit Zuluftgerät



modular design

The filter devices usually consist of four modules:

  • the soundproofed fan cell with built-in radial fan
  • the filter cell with the filter hoses and the cleaning device
  • the container or hopper for pick-up and transfer of material as well as
  • the disposal unit.

safe construction, optimal price/performance ratio

The individual modules are designed as self-supporting constructions and are made of galvanized sheet steel. The edged corner supports and sheet steel profiles are screwed together, generating pressure-shock-proof, inside smooth casings with the required stability, also at high wind and snow loads. The filter casings comply with the fire resistance class EW 90, so that the compact filter can be installed near to buildings. The individual casing elements are manufactured in large quantities, resulting in cost advantages that allow an optimal price/performance ratio.

energy-efficient high-performance fans

By default a direct driven radial fan with efficiencies of more than 80% is installed into the fan cell, so that the power requirement is minimised from the outset. In conjunction with the standard drive motors of the efficiency class IE 3 (optional IE 4), a particularly high degree of efficiency is achieved.

high suction power

The flow through the compact filter devices is optimally designed to keep the inner resistance as low as possible, so that a high external pressure is available to overcome the pressure requirements of the connected machines and the piping system. For the same reason, the pipes are connected to the filter device via flow-technically advantageous inlet ducts.

quiet operation

The fan cell is lined with sound protection mats and is equipped with a silencer, so that the noise emissions are kept at a low level despite the high performance. Additional external silencers are usually not required.

effective filtration and cleaning

The high degree of separation of the applied,  tested filter material ensures a residual dust content in the return-air of < 0.1 mg/m³. Depending on the task, the quality and equipment of the filter material are determined. The same applies to the cleaning method, whereas between the mechanical vibration or the compressed air cleaning (jet-pulse-system) is chosen. Both methods ensure effective and at the same time gentle cleaning of the filter hoses, so that long service life is achieved.

mode of operation

The compact filtration systems can also be operated discontinuously (cleaning process after certain operating times) or also continuously in conjunction with the compressed air cleaning (jet-pulse-system), whereby the cleaning takes place depending on time or differential pressure.

multiple disposal variants

The separated chips and dusts, which are collected in a container or hopper, can be transferred via a rotary valve to a big bag, a transport screw or pneumatic conveyor system. In many cases, a briquetting press is arranged below the (buffering) container, the performance of which is adapted to the chip quantity.

intelligent, energy-saving control technology

Thanks to the intelligent control technology, the greatest possible energy saving is achieved. The determining elements are:

  • speed control of the exhaust fan via frequency converter for continuous adaptation of the exhaust power to the exhaust requirement
  • optimised operation of the conveyor system using the material buffering in the container
  • automatic commissioning of the briquetting press depending on material quantity

pre-assembly in the factory

The individual modules of the filter unit can be completely pre-assembled in our factory, so that they only have to be assembled and screwed together on the site with the help of a crane. This leads to shorter assembly times on the site.

SPÄNEX compact filters

compact filter with three filling bins
Kompaktfilteranlage mit drei Abfülltonnen
compact filter with BIG-BAG filling device
Kompaktfilteranlage mit BIG-BAG Abfüllung
compact filter with pneumatic conveying system to the silo
Kompaktfilteranlage mit pneumatischer Förderanlage zum Silo
compact filter with pneumatic conveying system to the container
Kompaktfilter mit pneumatischer Förderanlage zum Container
compact filter with briquetting press arranged below
Kompaktfilteranlage mit darunter angeordneter Brikettierpresse

equipment variants

  • installation of several fans
  • automatic start of the fan
  • automatic slide control
  • operation via frequency converter
  • filling level monitoring in the container
  • maintenance stage with ladder
  • integrated pre-separation chamber
  • external sound- and heat protection


  • compact design, small footprint
  • optimal adaptation to the case of demand
  • high suction power
  • energy-saving and quiet operation
  • intelligent control technique
  • several disposal variants
  • pre-assembly in our company
  • short assembly time on the site