Dust extractors SMU-MP

Compact, highly absorbent and quiet

The dust extractors of the SMU-MP series are used to extract dust from manual work machines and workplaces.

It is well known that working with hand-held machines (grinding, milling or sawing) without effective extraction leads to a high dust load at the workplaces.

With the SMU-MP series of dust extractors, centralised extraction solutions can be implemented to which several manual work machines are connected via a pipe system. Due to the relatively high air capacity, several manual work machines can be operated simultaneously. The extracted chips and dust are collected centrally in the filling bin of the dust extractor, so that easy disposal is possible.

Product features

  • Compact central unit
    The compact dust collectors of the MP series are complete separation stations consisting of the inlet / filter chamber, the fan cell and the container.
  • High suction power, low energy consumption 
    The two integrated centrifugal fans generate a speed-controlled suction pressure of up to 10,000 Pa at the suction nozzle. The fans are arranged on the clean-air side and equipped with high-performance running wheels, so that highest efficiencies are achieved. Energy-saving motors of efficiency class IE 3 (optionally IE 4) are used as standard. The speed of these motors is controlled by a frequency converter to adjust the extraction capacity to the respective requirement.
  • Quiet operation
    The sound insulation is effective, so that despite the high performance, additional sound absorbers are not required.
  • Effective filter and cleaning technology
    The high separation efficiency of the tested filter material used ensures a residual dust content in the return air of < 0.1 mg/m³. The compressed air cleaning system (Jet-Pulse-System) ensures an effective and at the same time gentle cleaning of the filter elements with low compressed air consumption, so that long service lives are achieved.
  • Design and compactness
    The design and construction have resulted in extremely compact housing dimensions.
  • Disposal
    The separated dust is collected in a filling bin with an inserted plastic bag.
  • Low assembly costs
    The delivery of the dust extractors ready for operation leads to short installation times on site.
  • Extensive range of accessories
    All pipe and fitting parts including the adapters for the connection of the manual machines are supplied by SPÄNEX.

Compact dust extractor SMU-MP

Dust extractor type SMU-MP 14 - extracting several small machines
Dust extractor type SMU-MP 14 - extracting several small machines
Dust extractor type SMU-MP 12 - extracing 3 turning machines
Dust extractor type SMU-MP 12 - extracing 3 turning machines
Dust extractor type SMU-MP 10
Dust extractor type SMU-MP 10

Plus points:

  • Compactness
  • Small footprint
  • Low overall height
  • Very high suction power
  • Low noise emission
  • User-friendliness
  • Extensive accessories


Deduster SMU-MP 10 14
suction nozzle Ø in mm 125 140
nominal volume flow* in m³/h 880 1.120
volume flow** in m³/h 1.000 1.400
negative pressure* in Pa 10.000 7.500
motor capacity in kW 2 x 3,0 2 x
max. sound pressure level in dB (A) 69 69
collecting volume in l 1 x 165 1 x 165
dimensions lxbxh in mm 1860 x 750 x 1975 1860 x 750 x 1975
weights in kg 400 400

* during 20 m/s in the suction nozzle; ** standard application during 24 - 28 m/s in the suction nozzle

Units type R with vibration cleaning (motor 45 W)