Dust collector

compact, powerful and quiet

Dust collectors are used to exhaust one or several working machines. The exhaust volume flows of the dust collector program are between 1.200 and 10.000 m³/h and therefore are preferential solutions for joiner’s workshops and carpenter’s shops. The dedusters also are ideal additions of existing central exhaust systems when the number of machines has to be increased and the existing filter plant has no reserve capacity.

fields of application

The possibilities of use are manifold. Decentralized suction solutions can also be advantageous in terms of energy efficiency by the machine-close installation of the dedusting system compared to a central suction system with long piping paths up to the filter system. As part of the planning of the plant, the individual aspects and factors have to be considered in order to choose the optimal plant configuration for the individual case.

With dust collectors that have been tested by the BGHM (German Professional Association) and obtained the DGUV test certificate (H3) and the GS mark, chips and dusts of various materials can be extracted and, for example, be compacted in combination with a briquetting press:

  • wood
  • plastic
  • paper
  • leather
  • textile
  • rubber
  • aluminium
  • brass
  • other metals.

The shavings and dusts must be dry and the KST value must be ≤ 200 bar bar. m/s (dust explosion class St1). The KST-value is an explosion-technical characteristic determined by dust analysis.

practical examples

dust collector type SMU 45 with briquetting press type SHB 40
dust collector type SMU 45 with 2 filling bins
dust collector type SMU 100 with conveyerscrew
Entstauber Typ SMU 100 mit Förderschnecke
dust collector type SMU 70 with transport system
Entstauber Typ SMU 70 mit Transportanlage
dust collector type SMU 100 with reservoir and container filling
Entstauber Typ SMU 100 mit Behälter und Container
dust collector type SMU 85 with briquetting press type SHB RS 55
Entstauber SMU 85 mit Brikettierpresse Typ SHB RS 55
dust collector type SMU 100 with container and drop stack
Entstauber Typ SMU 100 mit Behälter und Fallschacht


SPÄNEX dust collectors up to 10.000 m³/h

The field of application for the dust extractors has been expanded based on the new European Standard Fpr EN 16770. Thus, in the future, dust extractors with volume flows of more than 6,000 m³/h can be set up directly in the work room due to its structural design when extracting organic dust, dust explosion class St 1. The advantages of extraction systems based on dust extractors benefit a larger group of users:

  • Shorter Pipeline distances reduce investments and operating costs.
  • Complicated return air ducts are not required.
  • A one-hundred percent heat recovery is achieved due to direct air return.
  • The largely ready for operation supply results in short assembly times and thus low assembly costs.

The SPÄNEX compact extractors also impress with higher capacity, best energy efficiency, quieter operation and easier usability.


characteristic features

  • high suction power
  • low energy demand
  • silent operation
  • efficient filtration and cleaning
  • appealing design
  • compact casing dimensions
  • tested security
  • several disposal variants


The dust collector is supplied to the greatest possible extent ready for operation and mostly mobile, so that it can easily be brought in and positioned in the working room. By default, the dust collector is supplied with 1 to 3 filling tonnes with inserted plastic bags. For the larger dust collector (from SMU 32), the combination with a briquetting press is a frequently chosen variant. The briquetting press series SHB 40/55 and SHB RS 55/70 have especially been designed for use with the dust collector. The machines are arranged space-saving directly below the container.


For use cases with very large chip quantities, the dust collector with container and attached rotary valve is available as a further variant of equipment. The chips separated in the container are handed over via a discharging unit and the rotary valve to a screw and/or pneumatic conveyor system and conveyed to an outdoor container or a silo.

SPÄNEX compact dust collectors SMU

dust collector SMU 12 - 30 and SMU R 12 - 20
dust collector SMU 32 - 45
dust collector SMU 60 - 100 with filling bins
Entstauber SMU 60 - 100 mit Abfülltonnen
dust collector SMU 60 - 100 with briquetting press
Entstauber SMU 60 - 100 mit Brikettierpresse

equipment components

  • automatic start of the fan
  • automatic slide control
  • operation via frequency converter
  • Fill level monitoring in the containers with briquette press or container charging and/or silo charging
  • with briquetting press or outdoor container
  • automated extinguishing with powder extinguisher
  • ignition protection system


  • small footprint
  • low construction height
  • high suction power
  • silent, energy-saving operation
  • automatic start of the briquetting press
  • complete control unit
  • user friendliness
  • tested according to GS-HO-07
Deduster SMU 12-32 R 12 R 15 R20 / 20 25 30 32
suction nozzle Ø in mm 125 140 160 180 200 200
nominal volume flow* in m³/h 880 1.110 1.450 1.830 2.260 2.260
volume flow** in m³/h 1.200 1.500 2.000 2.500 3.000 3.200
negative pressure* in Pa 2.400 2.100 2.400 2.500 2.400 2.700
motor capacity in kW 2,2 2,2 3,0 3,0 4,0 4,0
max. sound pressure level in dB (A) 65 65 65 65 65 67
collecting volume in l 1 x 165 1 x 165 1 x 165 1 x 165 1 x 165 2 x 165
collecting volume in l with briquetting press           400
dimensions lxbxh in mm 1320x750x1905 1320x750x1905 1670x750x1975 1860x750x1975 1860x750x1975 2420x900x1965
dimensions with briquetting press           2360x900x2400
weights in kg 340 345 385 390 400 770
weights with briquetting press           1.385
Deduster SMU 45-100 45 60 70 85 100
suction nozzle Ø in mm 250 300 315 355 355
nominal volume flow* in m³/h 3.530 5.090 5.610 7.130 7130
volume flow** in m³/h 4.500 6.000 7.000 8.500 10.000
negative pressure* in Pa 2.700 2.500 2.800 2.700 3000
motor capacity in kW 5,5 7,5 11,0 11,0 15,0
max. sound pressure level in dB (A) 67 69 70 70 72
collecting volume in l 2 x 165 3 x 165 3 x 165 3 x 165 3x165
collecting volume in l with briquetting press 400 500 500 500 500
dimensions lxbxh in mm 2540x900x1965 3080x900x1965 3220x900x1965 3570x900x1965 3570x900x1965
dimensions with briquetting press 2480x900x2400 3010x900x2400 3500x900x2400 3500x900x2400 3500x900x2400
weights in kg 780 850 880 900 930
weights in kg with briquetting press 1395 1.465 1.495 1.515 1545

* during 20 m/s in the suction nozzle; ** standard application during 24 - 28 m/s in the suction nozzle

Units type R with vibration cleaning (motor 45 W)