Control units

intelligent control and regulation for efficient and safe operation

The electric circuit is the heart of any plant. It automatically ensures safe and energy efficient operations so that requirements and expectations of the customer are met in terms of operating costs, availability, operational reliability, ease of use and information needs.

The following control, monitoring and regulating functions are examples of the overall process:

  • automatic and controlled switching on and off operation of the complete system
  • automatic opening and closing of shut-off slides
  • speed of certain plant components
  • filter contamination
  • minimum air speed in pipe system
  • speed control of exhaust fans and transport fans
  • on demand switching on and off of conveyor systems
  • residual dust concentration in the return-air
  • fire protection flaps with signalisation
  • spark detection and extinguishing
  • threshold values differential pressures
  • etc.

own development and production

The importance of the electric circuit for the functionality of the plants was recognized by SPÄNEX very early and therefore a department for development and construction was established and a separate production facility was set up. In this department, the circuits are planned, projected and the production documents, including the documentation, are created. In the department circuit construction the complete electric circuit is manufactured and tested by us.

The decades of experience gained from our own circuit construction and the acquired know-how have a beneficial effect for our customers in all phases of the project, namely in the consultation and sales discussions, in the electrical installation during the assembly of the plant or the aftersales service and spare parts procurement.

practical examples

touch panel of a briquetting press control
electric circuit of a briquetting press
electric circuit of an exhaust plant with frequency converters


  • development and production at SPÄNEX
  • complete control solutions
  • many years of experience
  • competent consulting
  • services from the manufacturer
  • direct availability of spare parts
  • retrofit of existing equipment