Construction parts

pipework system planning

Each suction system requires a more or less extensive pipe system.

The presupposition for an optimal pipe system is the expert planning of the piping diameter and the installation path, in order to achieve the lowest possible pressure losses and at the same time to meet the customer's optical requirements.

All pipe systems are dimensioned and planned by our experienced sales crew on an application-by-case basis. The importance of the pipe system in terms of an energy-efficient plant concept is often misrecognized. In particular, exhaust systems with demand-appropriate exhausting capacity by speed-controlled radial fans require a well thought-out design of the pipe system in order to be able to fully make accessible the electricity saving potential.

production of pipe components

Regarding the production, SPÄNEX is optimally equipped so that with the craftsmanship know-how as well as the many years of experience any required pipe component and fitting can also be manufactured according to a pattern, a sketch or a drawing.


The plug-in connection is characteristic of the SPÄNEX pipe system. For this purpose, the pipe end seen in the direction of flow is fed in. The plug-in parts are connected with a double bead clamp, so that a high load capacity is achieved (suspension points only every 5 to 6 m required). Another advantage of the plug-in system with double bead clamps as a connecting element is the ease of installation and the secured potential compensation. From a diameter of 500 mm the pipes are flanged.


practical examples

pipework system with branches, elbows, transitions and pneumatic lock slides
machine connections via central branches
pipework system with double bead clamps with flanges
connection exhaust pipework to filter unit


  • complete piping and Component program
  • ease of assembly
  • solid design
  • secured potential compensation
  • low leakage air rate

SPÄNEX-pipe and shaped part program

We manufacture the following parts made of galvanized sheet steel, black sheet (lacquered) or stainless steel in standard diameters of 80-800 mm:

  • exhaust hoods,
  • manually actuated shut-off elements,
  • pneumatically or electrically actuated shut-off elements,
  • branches 1-to 6-fold,
  • elbows 45 ° or 90 ° (on stock),
  • elbows 15°, 30° or 60° as special construction,
  • container connections,
  • roof penetrations,
  • deflecting hoods,
  • swivel joints,
  • flat iron clamps,
  • flange rings,
  • shaped parts of any kind,
  • Y-pipes,
  • block separator,
  • expansion joints (compensators),
  • air distribution systems,
  • sleeves,
  • cleaning flaps,
  • pipes with the following lengths: 0.5 m, 1.0 m and 1.5 m (on stock), 3 m (system-related),
  • pipe end pieces,
  • pipe holding parts,
  • pipe Silencer,
  • pipe supports,
  • pipe switches,
  • non-return flaps,
  • adding pipe pieces,
  • sound dampers,
  • hose sleeves,
  • rope tension units,
  • special parts,
  • fixing clamps,  
  • part separators,
  • round/round or round/angular transitions,
  • wall sweeping holes,
  • wall brackets,
  • central branches (collectors).


We also deliver according to our planning:

  • plastic hoses according to DIN,
  • ducts,
  • magnetic separator,
  • metal flexible hose,
  • pipe suspensions
  • folded spiral-seam pipes up to 6 m.

SPÄNEX construction parts

pipe parts