Service and maintenance

service/ after-sales service

Satisfied customers are our concern. For this reason, a high-performance service and customer service team must be available for an installation and the spare parts supply must be secured. Experienced and competent contact persons take your calls and information and ensure the fastest possible response; if required, together with a technician or customer service technician.

maintenance and servicing

Preventative maintenance is an effective means of maintaining and securing the performance and functionality of the equipment. We therefore recommend our customers to complete individual maintenance contracts. Within the framework of plant maintenance, all functionalities, the condition of the wear and safety components are checked. Preventative maintenance increases operational safety and extends the service life of the plant.


spare parts

The relevant spare parts of all products manufactured and sold are stored in our parts warehouse so that we can send the new part in a relatively short time after the receipt of the order to our customers. If necessary, the assembly visit is planned and coordinated at the same time.

The availability of spare parts for briquetting presses, stoves, fans and filter devices, etc., which are partly older than 30 years, is particularly appreciated by our customers.


For certain products it makes sense to carry out necessary repairs in our factory. This includes, for example, the repair of fan running-wheels, since the repaired running-wheel has to be rebalanced on our balancing machine.

For briquetting presses a required general overhaul is better carried out in our factory, since the entire part spectrum is available and during the subsequent test run all measuring means are available for data recording.