The SHB-RS series

SPÄNEX has extended its extensive briquetting press program to include the series SHB-RS (figure 1). The machine was presented at the LIGNA 2017.

This series is the combination of the proven technology known by SPÄNEX with a specially developed feeding system via a dosing screw. The chips get from a container via the drop shaft into the feeding screw, which conveys the material dosed into the pressing chamber. The dosage depends on the material properties. That means, regardless of whether they are light-weight planner chips or pure dusts, the dosing screw ensures a consistently high throughput performance. Due to the special structure of the press chamber and the "movable" briquetting pliers, stretched over a clamping cylinder, briquettes with high solidity are produced. A powerful hydraulic pump is installed in the hydraulic circuit and an oil cooler is integrated. The cooler is integrated energy-saving in the oil return without any additional pump. The cooling fan is driven by the main motor and does not require a separate drive, too.

The machines are designed in such a way that they can be arranged directly underneath a dust collector (fig. 2) as well as below a filter system. Especially the combination with a dust collector is a compact unit, as shown in figure 2. Since this combination of devices is normally installed in the working area, the small footprint is an important aspect.

The machines of the series SHB-RS are convincing by their performance data, given in the table below.

Technische Data Unit SHB RS 55 SHB RS 70
Briquette Ø mm 70 70
Power * kg/h 50 - 70 60 - 90
Throughput * m³/h 0,3 - 0,5 0,4 - 0,7
Motor capacity kW    
- pump   4,0 5,5
- screw   0,55 0,55
dimensions L x W x H mm 1,6 x 1,5 x 0,7 1,6 x 1,5 x 0,7
weights ** kg 550 600
* material-dependent; ** without oil filling      

Due to the material and the possible 24-hour operation, the machine is also an interesting alternative for larger exhausting systems. In case of a three-shift operation, a chip volume of up to 12 or 17 m³/day can be briquetted.

With the machines, all the chips and dusts are compactable, usually occurring in cabinetmaker shops and carpenter’s workshops. In the case of special materials, test pressings are carried out in our company free of charge in order to make detailed statements about the briquetting ability, the achievable quality of the briquettes, the material throughput and the briquetting capacity. The collected data are provided to the customer with sample briquettes and are the basis for detailed offers.

The advantages of the new SHB-RS series can be summed up as follows:

  • solid construction
  • compact design
  • energy-optimised hydraulic system with oil cooler
  • high throughput performance
  • material-dependent feeding
  • can be combined with dust collectors

The operation of the machine is controlled and monitored via the standard-supplied plc-based circuit and touch panel, with the following functions highlighted:

  • automatic start via timing cycle
  • safety circuit
  • monitoring of oil level and oil temperature
  • constant briquette length
  • easy adjustment of operating parameters via touch panel

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