New training centre of company Bembé Parkett in Bad Mergentheim with powerful ex-hausting system from SPÄNEX

When searching for high-quality parquet, you will automatically end up at Bembé Parkett. The traditional company, founded in 1780 by Johann Benedikt Bembé, has played a decisive role in shaping today's parquet market. Beside the production in Bad Mergentheim and in Mysłowice - Poland the parquet is also layed by the company Bembé. 300 own specialized craftsmen are working in the field. The entire product range is presented in 45 studios throughout Germany.

The clientele, which includes not only private customers but also grand hotels and castles, particularly appreciates the use of exquisite materials, expert advice, high and consistent quality and easy maintenance, regardless of whether it is multi-layer parquet, solid wood parquet or plank flooring.

Every year, approx. 1.2 million m² of parquet flooring are laid throughout Germany and existing floors are refurbished. The laying of the parquet has a big influence on the quality and the longevity of the floors, so that company Bembé Parkett carries out this achievement consciously by own specialized craftsmen.

The education and further training of the employees has a high priority in the company, so that a new training centre was built and set up in 2018. The machine park, consisting of 12 woodworking machines and 4 cleaning stations, had to be dedusted, whereby the special feature was that the connection nozzles at the machines only had a diameter of 60 mm. This means that the internal pressure losses of the processing machines were relatively high, so that a standard dust extractor with an externally available pressure level of around 3,000 Pa was not sufficient.

A so-called "medium pressure dust extractor" was used. The series of these compact dust extractors provides a pressure of up to 10,000 Pa at the connection nozzle, which can be used to overcome the pressure losses in the processing machines and the duct system. Due to the high negative pressure, this SPÄNEX dust extractor series is also used for the extraction of manual machines and manual workstations.

The characteristic features of this series are as follows:

  • High suction power, low energy consumption
    Both high-performance fans generate the high suction pressure at the suction nozzle in a speed-controlled manner. Energy-saving motors of efficiency class IE 3 and a frequency converter are used as standard.
  • Quiet operation  
    The sound insulation is effective, so that additional silencers are not necessary despite the high performance.
  • Effective filter and cleaning technology
    The high degree of separation of the tested filter material ensures a residual dust content in the return air of < 0.1 mg/m³. The compressed air cleaning (Jet-Pulse-System) ensures an effective and at the same time gentle cleaning of the filter elements with
    low compressed air consumption, so that long service lives are achieved.
  • Design and compactness
    The design and construction have resulted in extremely compact housing dimensions.
  • Disposal   
    The separated dusts are collected in a filling bin with an inserted plastic bag.
  • Low assembly costs  
    The delivery of the dust extractor ready for operation leads to short installation times on site.
  • Wide range of accessories
    SPÄNEX supplies all duct and fitting parts, including any necessary adapters for connecting manual machines.

In several appointments on site SPÄNEX discussed the details of the project with the customer (location of the dust extractor, pipe conducting, piping groups, simultaneity factor, etc.), so that the final concept of the plant could be determined and the quotation prepared, which was the basis of the order placed.

The following should be noted with regard to the design of the installation:

  • Max. extraction air quantity: 1,200 m³/h
  • Operation: discontinuously   
  • Air return: 100 %
  • Extraction duct system:division into 4 groups  
  • Electric circuit: speed control of the extraction fans via frequency   converter   

The speed control ensures energy-efficient operation of the system. Due to the different demand for extraction power, the frequency converter automatically and continuously adjusts the extraction volume flow at high vacuum levels to the actual demand via the speed of the extraction fan.

Summary of the company management:

After the commissioning and the "short" operating phase, the management is enthusiastic about the functionality, the performance and the quiet operation of the plant. It should also be noted that the plants in Bad Mergentheim and Mysłowice were equipped with SPÄNEX bag house filter systems for the extraction of the processing machines, which have been providing the required performance effectively and without complaint for many years.

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