Radial fans


Fully developed program

For over 50 years, SPÄNEX radial fans have been manufactured for a wide range of industrial uses. The many years of experience and continual development are the basis for a fully-developed and comprehensive supply program for one-sided, suction radial fans. A special focus of the development work in the last years was the topic of covering the largest capacity range possible with directly driven and frequency converter-driven speed-controlled fans.

The capacity range of the program includes volume flow rates of 1,000 to 120,000 m³/h and total pressure increases of 1,000 to 10,000 Pa.

SPÄNEX radial fans are suitable for promoting purified air, air that contains dust and shav-ings/dust-air mixtures with a material content. 

With 7 series and 20 nominal sizes up to a suction diameter of 1,250 mm, a wide range of applications can be covered.

The fans are primarily used in the suction and dust extraction systems manufactured and deliv-ered by SPÄNEX so the in-house experience from practical use can flow into the further development for improving and optimizing the fans.


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running wheel A
running wheel B
running wheel C



The radial fans are installed either before or after the filtration system (overpressure or vacuum system). Depending on the use, different running wheels are implemented:


  • closed running wheels with bent back blades -
    Running wheel A for feeding purified air, air with shavings or dusts (short-fiber shavings) with a low material content,



  • closed running wheels with backward blades -
    Running wheel B for feeding air with material content (dusts or shavings - medium material content),



  • open running wheels radially bladed -
    Running wheel C for feeding air with material content (coarse, long-fiber shavings and wood ships - high material content).


Running wheels with different diameter ratios are used depending on the total pressure requirement. 

Fed materials

Shaving/dust-air mixtures with the following materials can be fed using SPÄNEX radial fans:   

  • wood,   
  • other biomass,   
  • plastic,   
  • paper,   
  • aluminum,  
  • other metals.

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Antrieb durch Motorwelle
Antrieb über Kupplung
Antrieb über Riemen

Design and shapes

The casing and running wheels are solid steel sheeting welded, heavy-duty constructions. The casings are reinforced with profiled steel and painted in series. Up to a running wheel diameter of 900 mm, the casings are manufactured as boxes; above that, they are manufactured as a horizontally divided spiral.

The running wheels are carefully balanced statically and dynamically so they are very quiet. 

In accordance with the intended uses, the inflow nozzles are equipped with a spark guard.


Three drive types are used:   

- Drive direct via the motor shaft M,   

- Drive via a coupling K,   

- Drive via a v-belt R,  


- Counterflange and joints for the suction and pressure side,  

- Compensating elements,  

- Vibration insulators,  

- Wear and tear protection for running wheels and casing,  

- Noise-reducing cover or sound-proof cabin,    

- Speed control via frequency transformers



1=Casing, 2=Suction socket, 3=Bearing 

4=Stand, 5=Base frame, 6=Coupling

7=Belt pulley, 8=Motor, 9=Motor console


For the belt drive, the fan and motor are assembled on a shared base frame. Other drive types and layouts upon request.

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Standard fans

Sizes / capacity range


Up to a nominal size of 400, standard fans are available with different running wheel equipment for different pressure levels. The casings and running wheels on these fans are manufactured in large series and can be assembled and delivered on short notice as needed. Due to the se-rial production, an especially low-cost price-to-value ratio is achieved. Depending on the nominal size, the running wheels used and the pressure level, motors with capacities between 2.2 kW and 18.5 kW are used. These are generally direct drives in which the running wheel is directly mounted on the motor shaft. 

The fans are delivered complete with suction and pressure side joints including mounting rails. 

For standard fans, the complete accessory program (see Designs section) is available.

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